Everyone Is A Genius

Imagine a fish. Let’s call him Bob the Fish.

Bob the Fish lives by himself in a small stream in the jungle, just below some tall trees.

Bob the Fish has lived his whole life in this small stream, watching the monkeys above him swing gracefully from branch to branch & tree to tree. He dreams of the day he can do the same. Continue reading

The Price of Admission

We go to Disney World and pay $99 for our day pass, because we know all of the rides and characters and excitement are worth it. It’s the price of admission.

We go to the movies and pay for our $10 ticket and $5 popcorn, because the previews look good & it’s a great way to spend a lazy Sunday. It’s the price of admission.

We go to the concert and pay for our $80 tickets because it’s one of our favorite bands, and we don’t know when we’ll get to see them play again. It’s the price of admission.

We pay. We experience. We enjoy. We appreciate. We leave. This is what the price of admission offers us. Continue reading

The Guy At the Bar

He’s sitting there, drinking his beer, passing the time. He isn’t really talking to anyone. Mostly just letting his eyes drift from the televisions to the patrons to the bartenders and finally back to his beer. Walk into any bar in the world and you will see this guy. He is no one special. He is simply The Guy At the Bar. Continue reading

Be the Redwood

“The redwoods, once seen, leave a mark or create a vision that stays with you always.

No one has ever successfully painted or photographed a redwood tree.

The feeling they produce is not transferable.

From them comes silence and awe.”

~John Steinbeck Continue reading


The human race gets a pretty bad rap these days. If an outsider were to watch one of our newscasts, they would think that our society is surely about to self implode. People murder in cold blood. People steal everything from cars to jewelry to futures. People make corrupt political deals behind the back of the American public. And that’s just from the opening segment. Continue reading

Striving for Mediocrity

There’s a reality in our world that we all have the chance to change. That reality is called mediocrity and it’s killing those who take part in it. Marriages, dreams, health, passions, religion & desires to change the world. All being destroyed at the hand of mediocrity. Continue reading

Broken but Blessed


A week ago today, on March 13th, Emily and I’s beautiful baby boy, Cade James Griffin, was born 2 months premature to the day. We had been in the hospital for a week, because Emily’s water had unexpectedly broken just before going to bed. After a week of testing, waiting, and injecting Emily with unknown quantities of drugs to hold off birth, Cade was ready to introduce himself to the world. Continue reading

Kicking Tires, Breaking Toes & Giving Your Idea A Chance

Your idea didn’t work because you didn’t give it a chance.

You have a great idea. It gets you really excited for a couple days. You think of cool names for it. You might even draw a logo or webpage layout. Most of all, you dream of what it would be like to work for yourself and live life on your terms. And then something happens. You quit. You won’t call it quitting though. You will make up some reason why your idea won’t work. Internally you’re pretty deflated because a small part of you really thought this might be your shot. What makes it even worse is the next time you have an idea, you have an added burden of the feeling of defeat from your last “failure”. Is this how entrepreneurship works? Continue reading

Why the Impatient Startup is the First to Pass Out


Ditching the beer and chugging the tequila. Why the impatient startup is the first to pass out.

You’re at a party. You’re enjoying yourself, sipping on a 6 pack, and having great conversation. Life is good. The night is progressing as it should. You go with the flow, just engaging in the friends and moments given to you.

Then something happens. The front door swings open and slams into the door stopper. The music halts to a stop. Everybody at the party turns to look. Who barges in?  None other than THAT guy. Continue reading

The Art of Being A Punching Bag


A recent post on Micah Baldwin’s blog, Learn To Duck, was perfectly titled The Art of Being A Dick. Micah talks about how he can sometimes be viewed as an asshole because he doesn’t provide entrepreneurs with the same pat-on-the-back b.s. feedback that most people do. He’s straightforward with poking holes left and right in your business, regardless of whether or not he just met you (I know from experience). This is a beautiful thing if you know how to handle REAL feedback. Micah has down pat the art of being a dick. As an entrepreneur, we need to learn the other side of that coin – the art of being a punching bag. Learn the art of being a punching bag and your startup will be significantly more relevant because of it. Continue reading

Behind Every Great Idea, There’s a Great Cup of Coffee

An entrepreneur’s ode to the Black Stallion.

I guess I will be speaking for myself on this one, though I have an inclination I am far from alone. I can’ be the only person out there who becomes about 10 times more kick ass when they drink coffee. Like literally, around 10 times more creative, attentive, and enthusiastic. Granted I’m insanely monotone and boring 75% of the time, but I think I’m pretty decent the other 25%. Continue reading